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2 February: 4th i-Teams Award Ceremony

Join us on February 2nd, from 12:00 to 14:00 to discover the 4th round i-teams winning teams and attend the launch of the 5th edition


Welcome & introduction
Short introduction of jury members and the four projects.

Presentations of the four nominees

1 - Eco-friendly Kitchen and delivery service to customize daily meals for clients with Nutrition goals.

2 - A simple wearable system with real-time feedback for homebased gait retraining : a rehabilitation device composed of ultra-thin and flexible pressure sensor insoles and a smartphone application for the patient.

3 - Insulin-producing organoids engineered from islet and amniotic epithelial cells to treat diabetes : development towards a bioartificial pancreas

4 - Specially composed music for premature infants strengthens the development of their brain networks and could limit the neurodevelopmental delays that often affect these children.

Jury voting and Awards

Launch of the 5th edition
If you wish to join us on this adventure for next semester, please write your interests and a short resume of your experience to i-teams(at) before the 1st of March


January 12, 2021
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