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June 26: i-Teams award ceremony

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Free entrance
Please confirm you presence for the ceremony and the lunch at i-teams(at) by June 24th



Welcome and introduction, Dean Henri Bounameaux and Benoît Dubuis "The i-Teams program".

The two i-Teams projects to be presented 12h10 to 12h50:

i-Teams presentations and contest of two different projects.  The final results of the semester-long business case studies shall be presented.  In an open contest, judged by a panel of experts and also the public, to be used to issue prizes to the students.


Project 1: “Tackling the reproducibility crisis: A platform of recombinant antibodies for academic research” Continued development of the UNIGE’s recombinant antibody center to provide reliable antibodies for research.


Project 2: “Pneumoscope: A low-cost digital stethoscope for monitoring of pneumonia in children”: A joint HUG-EPFL development of an electronic stethoscope for low-income countries, using recorded sounds and artificial intelligence technology, to diagnose pneumonia in children.


Guillaume Rey, Vincent Wagner

"Concluding remarks, final discussions, voting and prize awards"


Standing “end of the school year” lunch

An opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs, ambassadors of the Health Valley and innovators.

June 7, 2019
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