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Meet the I-Teams winners!

©UNIGE. All winners of the first I-Teams Award

On January 23rd, three teams received awards celebrating the quality of their projects and their involvement in the I-teams programme:

1st Prize to Gregory Segala, Ozren.Stojanovic and David Pejoski for their projet

Encapsulation of tumor spheroids for pre-clinical applications
Development of micro-encapsulation technology, using an alginate shell created in a specialized microfluidic system.

2nd Prize and Public’s choice award to Aureliano Stingi, Martina Spiljar, Silas Kieser and Olga Komarynets for their project:

Nitric oxide generator for the treatment of neonatal pulmonary hypertension
A small portable Nitrogen Monoxide generator medical device to be used to treat certain respiratory diseases

3rd Prize to Eirini Tseligka and Kengo Shibata for their project:

Virtual Reality simulation in the development of a sports therapy programme
Presentation of a strategy for a virtual reality (VR) based sports medicine center

Congratulations to all!

The Jury

  • Sylvain Lengacher, Chief Executive Officer GliaPharm SA
  • Sylvain Poitras, Managing Director of Swiss Peak Technologies SA
  • Kamel Besseghir, Former Chief Executive Officer of Debiopharm International
  • François Curtin, Chief Operating Officer, GeNeuro SA
  • Christophe Guichard, General Partner of the Eclosion2
  • Henri Bounameaux, Professor and Dean, UNIGE Faculty of Medicine    

I-Teams 2019

Want to be part of this exciting initiative? Join I-teams Spring Semester round! Stay tuned, information and registration will follow shortly.

January 24, 2019
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