Our ambition is to lead the way in developing and producing next-generation therapeutics and technologies by strategically leveraging our expansive universe of expertise and resources.  With your collaboration, we will design our services to fit your project’s vision and needs.

Our team and network, of internal advisers offer a rigorous scientific and strategic evaluation of your potential projects for commercial viability.  Scientific translation demands the use of a wide range of skills and the key to taking ideas to the next stage –with great speed– is to create an environment in which expertise is readily available. 

At your fingertips, a hands-on team of entrepreneurs and innovators provide : strategic planing, business development, market research and analysis, financial planning, project management, and clinical trial strategy.  The translation team will progress a translation project to a stage where it can be passed into capable hands, for example an organisation that can manage the development of a new drug or medical device.







Get inspired by globally recognized leaders who will share their knowledge on the future of health trends and experience.  They will also chair a roundtable interactive discussions.  The 2018 themes of discussion will include : Biopharma, MedTech, Personalized Medicine, Market Access and Diagnostics.



Provide the tools needed to suceed. Join our educational series for interesting topics covered by experienced specialists from their field. Globally recognized specialists from partner organisations are on hand to advise participants on developing a full translational funding proposal/business plan.



We help researchers develop leadership capabilities. Equip your team with the mindset, skillsets, and toolsets of highly successful innovators. Leadership is not the mystical attribute reserved for the lucky few; most of us have leadership potential. Leadership is a skill you can develop with practice and a process you can manage.