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23 janvier: i-TEAMS Award Ceremony - Translational Accelerator

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Free entrance
Please confirm you presence for the ceremony and the lunch at i-teams(at)

Welcome and introduction, Dean Henri Bounameaux and Benoit Dubuis
"Translational Accelerator, one year later"

Benoit Dubuis and Vincent Wagner
"Translational Accelerator at the Faculty of Medicine, facts and figures"

Keynote speaker, Roch Ogier, Head of the Therapy Development Accelerator (TDA), University of Zurich
"Is academia busting or boosting translation of academic discoveries? The role of newly developed translational centres in Swiss universities"

Guillaume Rey and Vincent Wagner
"I-teams introduction and presentation of the leadership team"

11h00 – 12h00
i-teams presentations and contest of three different projects. The final results of the semester-long business case studies shall be presented. In an open contest, judged by a panel of experts and also the public, to be used to issue cash prizes to the students.

The three i-teams projects to be presented on the 23rd of January are :

Project 1: A small portable Nitrogen Monoxide generator medical device to be used to treat certain respiratory diseases. This machine requires electricity and air to deliver a constant and unending supply of Nitrogen Monoxide in countries where medical care is logistically difficult (i.e. Uruguay).

Project 2: Development of micro-encapsulation technology, using an alginate shell created in a specialized microfluidic system. This cell encapsulation approach, represents a method to improve drug-screening assays by reducing the time needed to establish spheroids and improving the homogeneity of spheroids, when compared to competing technologies that do no encapsulate cells.

Project 3: Presentation of a strategy for a virtual reality (VR) based sports medicine center, an investigation into how virtual reality could be used to optimize a patient’s athletic performance as a prophylactic measure to prevent injuries or after a surgical procedure as a rehabilitation therapy (with an emphasis on joint implants and back surgery).

12h00 - 12h20
Guillaume Rey and Benoit Dubuis
"Concluding remarks, final discussions, voting and prize awards"

12:20 – 13:30
Standing “start of the year” lunch. An opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs, ambassadors of the Health Valley and innovators

January 14, 2019
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